The articles here are the same as have been maintained on RobertoDansie.Com since 1998.  Many of which where later published in Indian Country Today, America's Leading Native American news source.

This article was written by the staff writer at Indian Country Today about Roberto,

It is titled "A Life's Service To Children"


Culture is the bridge between health and education. Health comes from the word wholeness, to be complete. Education comes from the word educare, which means to bring forth what is within you. Culture helps us reach our wholeness by illuminating our inner world with the wisdom of our ancestors, and helping us discover our talents. The following articles are reflections on these fascinating fields:



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Stories contain the wisdom of the ages. They are handed down to us, stored in the deeper layers of our mind, to emerge at critical times providing us with points of reference for our journey. But stories not only come to us from our past. They also come from the future, that place created by our dreams to warn us –or confirm us- of the path that we been following in our waking life. Personal dreams are letters that we send to ourselves. If we do not understand our dream, we have not opened our letter. Legends are dreams of generations sent to all of us. May you find the treasure behind the words that life has placed in storage just for you.




The ancient Mexicans left us the symbols of the serpent and the eagle to represent our journey through life. The serpent longs for a life of warmth, unity and fulfillment. The eagle appears and informs the serpent that the only way to reach such a life is to find the highest place on earth –the pyramid- ascend it, and from the top jump towards the sun. As the serpent follows this advice, and jumps from the top of the pyramid, it discovers that he had inner wings that now, in this moment of truth, emerge to the surface. The serpent is now the plumed serpent, on its way to the sun. Eventually, the bird reaches the sun, it becomes the sunbird. Everything burns with the sun, except the essence of the new bird, the flame. Later, as the bird descends from the sun, is now an eagle, the wings turned black by the fire of the sun. This time the eagle sees clearly that there are no serpents: only eagles awaiting to be transformed. In this section, you will find some articles on the art of leadership, the journey of all of us towards the sun.


Aging is a privilege that not everyone gets. It is the stage that goes beyond knowledge to wisdom: the truth that remains constant like the Northern star. In the following articles, I explore ways in which the elder years can be years of fulfillment, not only for the elder person, but also for the ones around him/her. As the poet Kahlil Gibran said, “Old age is the snow of the earth; it must, through light and truth, give warmth to the seeds of youth below, protecting them and fulfilling their purpose.” Another challenge is also addressed in this section. The one of turning disabilities into different abilities.


The Huichol Indians have a beautiful ceremony to restore harmony into their community. Every year, all of the members of the tribe come together. They form a circle and build a bon-fire in the center. Then, one by one, they go around the circle, facing each community member. The one going around the circle, tells the one who he is facing all of the wrongs that he caused him during that year. The other one listens in silence. For each wrong brought into the open, the healer of the tribe makes a knot on a rope. The ceremony is complete when the last member of the circle completes his circle. Then, all of them take the rope and throw it to the fire. With the sunrise a new day begins. Each heart is clean, the whole community is renewed. Below are a some articles I have written that explore ways to bring harmony to our work relations, perhaps we too can purify our hearts and throw our ropes to the fire.