The ancient Mexicans left us the symbols of the serpent and the eagle to represent our journey through life. The serpent longs for a life of warmth, unity and fulfillment. The eagle appears and informs the serpent that the only way to reach such a life is to find the highest place on earth –the pyramid- ascend it, and from the top jump towards the sun. As the serpent follows this advice, and jumps from the top of the pyramid, it discovers that he had inner wings that now, in this moment of truth, emerge to the surface. The serpent is now the plumed serpent, on its way to the sun. Eventually, the bird reaches the sun, it becomes the sunbird. Everything burns with the sun, except the essence of the new bird, the flame. Later, as the bird descends from the sun, is now an eagle, the wings turned black by the fire of the sun. This time the eagle sees clearly that there are no serpents: only eagles awaiting to be transformed. In this section, you will find some articles on the art of leadership, the journey of all of us towards the sun.