The Huichol Indians have a beautiful ceremony to restore harmony into their community. Every year, all of the members of the tribe come together. They form a circle and build a bon-fire in the center. Then, one by one, they go around the circle, facing each community member. The one going around the circle, tells the one who he is facing all of the wrongs that he caused him during that year. The other one listens in silence. For each wrong brought into the open, the healer of the tribe makes a knot on a rope. The ceremony is complete when the last member of the circle completes his circle. Then, all of them take the rope and throw it to the fire. With the sunrise a new day begins. Each heart is clean, the whole community is renewed. Below are a some articles I have written that explore ways to bring harmony to our work relations, perhaps we too can purify our hearts and throw our ropes to the fire.