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The Dansie's Story

Tessa Dansie

 Co-Founder Cultural Wisdom

An Irish American blogger, community organizer, intergenerational poverty, diversity & equity educator, mother of four, and co-founder of Cultural Wisdom® with her husband of 25 years, Roberto Dansie, PhD.

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Roberto Dansie, PhD

Founder, CEO, Psychologist, Professional Motivational, Diversity & Keynote Speaker.

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Roberto & Tessa Dansie

Tessa & Roberto met while providing health care to the migrant farmworker population of northern California. They both felt a deep spiritual calling to serve those who serve the nation. Both raised Irish/Mexican Catholic. They found their service not in a church but in the fields, and eventually in the universities, healthcare systems, governmental policies, governmental agencies, Native American reservations, The CDC, and the little farmworker communities crisscrossed through the backroads of America.

They created their company Cultural Wisdom in 1998 after the birth of their second child.  Roberto left his position as Executive Director of Pit River Health Services, and a dream was born.

Roberto had become a popular public speaker, Tessa was sure it was where they were meant to be going.  Instead of working for one agency as they always had in the past, (like when they met at Del Norte Clinics), this time they would go from agency to agency, and  town to town.

Roberto delivered his message in English and Spanish, his message about Cultural Wisdom and The Psychology of Hope. These concepts he developed as a psychologist, Toltec medicine person, community developer and executive director of various agencies that address health, educational and racial inequity.

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Our philosophy

The Psychology of Hope:

as developed by Roberto Dansie, PhD in 1998 through his speaking, consulting and community organzing company Cultural Wisdom™

Roberto's book in Spanish "Semillas de Esperanza" (Seeds of Hope) that has been well received throughout Latin America. His latest book "The Four Elements" goes deeper into the four key pillars of Cultural Wisdom~ Consciousness, Conduct, Culture and Community.

Above you have the chart developed by Roberto showing the 60 key indicators of community health.

We are happy to announce our new Executive Director!

Alexander Dansie was born into the Cultural Wisdom team!

He specializes in youth leadership, culture, LGB youth empowerment education and community development.