With the Karate Kids of The Pit River Nation

Robert Dansie, PhDis widely regarded as the most eloquent and accessible contemporary authority on cultural diversity. He is a nationally renowned speaker and Clinical Psychologist. He is an author and humanitarian. A dynamic speaker, each one of his presentations is like a Navajo sand painting, created for the specific healing of those who receive it. Born to a healing tradition, by the age of 13 Roberto began his initiation in Native Medicine as assistant to his grandmother, Exiquia Vallejo. His life service of healing trauma began when she introduced him to Toltec and Mayan medicines. These included methods for healing susto & espanto (shock & trauma) – the two key modalities of psychosocial Narrative Healing.

In 1981, Roberto won the World Championship of Martial Arts in Pusan, Korea. He has shared and taught theses skills to youth and families throughout the world. 

Surgeon General Satcher commended Roberto for “Being a dedicated foot soldier for the health of the nation”

Roberto founded his speaking, consulting, and community development company Cultural Wisdom(™) in 1998 based on a need he saw to preserve the wisdom of our ancestors. As a Toltec Tribal member with a professional background as 

executive director of rural, migrant, and Indian health organizations such as Pit River Health Services (Indian Health) and Del Norte Clinics (Migrant Health), Roberto has a unique perspective on rural health and communities of color. As Executive Director of the Urban League he has served the urban African American community in Florida helping to combat the drug abuse epidemic through cultural community rich programs such as celebration of Kwanzaa and cultural ambassador programs with different African countries. 

Dr. Amer Hosin’s textbook “Responses to Traumatized Children” includes Dr. Dansie’s chapter “Cultural Perspective of Healing Trauma”. This textbook is part of the standard curriculum for psychology at the London Metropolitan University and throughout the United Kingdom.  

He has been a leader in the CDC’s Health Disparities Initiatives, HIV Prevention, and Intervention. 

Roberto’s latest book “The Four Elements” is a comprehensive view of the four pillars of Cultural Wisdom: Consciousness, Conduct, Culture, and Community. 

Read more about Arizona Public Media’s special report on Roberto’s work “How Cultural Sensitivity Can Improve Health Care” .

Early in his career in public health, Roberto met with a public health crisis the world had never seen before, the emergence of HIV. He saw first-hand as a substance abuse counselor and director of community outreach at The Boulder County Health Department the immediate impacts of fear on public health, particularly in communities of color. Instead of giving into the fear, Roberto created an unusual program, the second needle exchange program in the nation. He has continued to lead the work for HIV & Communities of Color, with National Minority Education and Howard University College of Medicine, creating “The Compendium of Culturally Competent Promising Practices”. Arizona Public Media’s special report on Roberto’s work “How Cultural Sensitivity Can Improve Health Care”  and the PBS interview at University of Arizona with Dr. Sally Reel about his work in rural health, “Culture and Care” speak to the relevance of culture as a part of health and healing.

A recent news story about his keynote “The Power of Cultural Diversity” at Briar Cliff University began,

“With a jovial personality as colorful as the Toltec medicine necklace he often wears around his neck, Dr. Roberto Dansie is an easy man to like.”

Indian Country Today, the nation’s leading American Indian news source, wrote about Roberto’s “ A Life’s Service To Children”

His article as an Indian Country Today writer, “Traditional Medicine In Indian Country” is used by Indian Health Services as a guide to culturally competent care. Read more about it in the Indian Health Services “Health From An Indian Perspective”.

Roberto is the recipient of several awards including:

Humanitarian of Year from The International Medical & Education Trust of Columbia Missouri University, the distinguished “Mounted Medallion Award” from The National Indian Health Board, The Cesar Chavez Award from National Migrant Education, The Federal Award from the Administration on Aging and The Illinois Association of Agencies and Community Organizations Migrant Advocacy Award for Exemplary Dedication to IAACOMA and it’s mission (The largest rural health organization in the nation.)