Roberto Dansie, PhD

Award Winning Speaker, Psychologist, Humanitarian, Rural/Migrant Health & Education Expert.

Dr. Roberto Dansie

Roberto Dansie is a Clinical Psychologist who has been described as the most eloquent speaker in the field of Cultural Diversity. At the age of 9 years old, Roberto was introduced by his grandmother, Exiquia to the healing tradition of her Maya and Toltec ancestors. Since then, Roberto has been developing the field of Cultural Wisdom, integrating the best of the past, with the best of the present to promote growth, wellbeing, creativity and wisdom in individuals and communities throughout the world. Roberto has dedicated his life to work in the fields of health and education in a wide range of community settings, developing programs to address psychosocial trauma around the world, and teach in multiple Universities in the United States. He currently serves on the steering committee of Stanford University for Health Equity and is the author of 7 Books.